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United States, Austin
Wichtige Daten von TASTYFINGERS
Größe> 195cm
Gewicht100 - 115 kg
Was mich geil macht
When your fingers are busy while doing the passionate rolling of your beautiful eyes when your high on pleasure, the little faces you make for attention are so sweet, my favorite fingernail color is Florescent Orange, my favorite color is Hot High Wet Glossy Pink with a tint of Cream, When you taste your love, I love watching you enjoy your orgasm with a smile on your face, your moaning as cum flows freely from your premium pussy with love all down by your precious ass, when your chest below your neck and collar bones flushes a nice blush color while you enjoy your your most exciting orgasms' of your lifetime with love and pleasure.
Über mich
Soft, warm, loving and a little bit of a smart ass, I am really looking for my Angel that will protect and serve me from my debauchery, to help my with my fleshy needs.
Was ich abstoßend finde
If you ban me, your doing me a favor, no one wants a pain in the ass drama Queen friend, doesn't mean I don't love you, just don't need the bullshit, when your fingernails are way to long to play with your pussy properly, WTF, When your magma hot and your pussy is Cold as ice, I can't stand face mask, I hate them ^~|~^
Kommentare (2)
💕On a small, lost planet💫
Among the twinkling of fabulous luminaries
They created a dream like children💜
She loved, he loved her.💕