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18, Löwe, Украина, Замечательный
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Vamp girl !
Vamp girl ! 4 Fotos 4 photos
Black suit !
Black suit ! 3 Fotos 3 photos
Exclusive photos !
Exclusive photos ! 5 Fotos 5 photos
My funny lifestyle !
My funny lifestyle ! 3 Fotos 3 photos
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Sexuelle VorliebeHetero
Größe170cm - 175cm
Gewicht55 - 60 kg
SprachenUkrainisch, Englisch
Was mich geil macht
A member of an average size of 17 centimeters, tattoos, loyal and kind people!
Über mich
An open and cheerful girl, but also sometimes I am too depraved!
Was ich abstoßend finde
False emotions and duplicity, deception and begging, greed and poverty.
Was ich vor der Webcam mache
Arbeitszeit von AmeliaLean
Just my life !

Welcome to my cozy place!

I don't have much free time, to be honest! I don't like to sit around, I can be proudly called a hardworking person! I used to work as a waitress, but now I've fallen in love with my hobby as a model! I am very glad to see the support from each of you!

If you want to support me, it's not necessarily money, because moral support is also very useful for me, I appreciate it!

AmeliaLean Just my life ! image: 1


AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 1

AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 2AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 3AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 4AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 5AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 6AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 7AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 8AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 9AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 10AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 11AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 12AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 13AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 14AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 15AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 16AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 17AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 18AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 19AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 20AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 21AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 22AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 23AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 24AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 25AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 26AmeliaLean TOP MY KINGS ! image: 27


AmeliaLean TOP MY TIPS ! image: 1AmeliaLean TOP MY TIPS ! image: 2AmeliaLean TOP MY TIPS ! image: 3AmeliaLean TOP MY TIPS ! image: 4AmeliaLean TOP MY TIPS ! image: 5AmeliaLean TOP MY TIPS ! image: 6AmeliaLean TOP MY TIPS ! image: 7AmeliaLean TOP MY TIPS ! image: 8AmeliaLean TOP MY TIPS ! image: 9AmeliaLean TOP MY TIPS ! image: 10AmeliaLean TOP MY TIPS ! image: 11AmeliaLean TOP MY TIPS ! image: 12


AmeliaLean TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 1AmeliaLean TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 2

AmeliaLean TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 3AmeliaLean TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 4

AmeliaLean TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 5AmeliaLean TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 6

AmeliaLean TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 7AmeliaLean TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 8

AmeliaLean TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 9AmeliaLean TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 10

AmeliaLean TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 11AmeliaLean TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 12

AmeliaLean TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 13AmeliaLean TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 14

AmeliaLean TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 15AmeliaLean TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 16

AmeliaLean TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 17AmeliaLean TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 18

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Striptease in bondage suit Striptease in bondage suit 2:05
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AmeliaLean Wunschliste
First place of the QUEEN OF QUEENS !
First place of the QUEEN OF QUEENS !
It is my big dream, I will be on TOP-1 !
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Car of my dream ! I will have money on it! I will be driving it with my future boyfriend !
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Visa in the USA !
Visa in the USA !
I will be living in the USA in future! My dream will give me perfect live!
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Kommentare (9)
Красивая и самая аппетитная просто невероятно сексуальное тело!!!
sexy face for cumface
привет милая красивая по тверди меня в друзья любимая моя зая
Настолько шикарная девочка, что и слов не хватит, чтобы описать)
любовь с первого взгляда!!! даже не боюсь сразу писать такой комент!!! изумительная! красивая!!! приятная!!! и очень очень сексуальная
Любимая ты у меня самая лучшая. Мне так с тобой хорошо. Люблю тебя моя малышка 😘 счастлив что мы год вместе
She will be a star, wait and see💋💋💋
My school education !

At the moment, I have the specialty of a genkologist doctor!

I liked my specialty, but it brings little financial prosperity, and I want to live like a little princess! And, one day, I will find my prince! I graduated from the 11th grade and got a higher education, so I can't say for sure that I'm a smart girl! And I really like smart guys! Who can support a dialogue on a spontaneous and interesting topic!

But I have not quite smart friends and acquaintances, and, one way or another, it's fun to spend time with them!

AmeliaLean My school education ! image: 1

A little bit about my body care !

Before the start of my wonderful modeling career, I overlooked many things in relation to my body, proper diet, and I practically had no principles.

To date, I have become aware of how important it is to eat healthy and nutritious homemade food, which contains cereals and useful vitamins!

It would be really interesting for me to listen to various other people - how did they achieve the perfect figure of their body? What do they eat? And how do they live at all? Naturally, in a positive mood, ha ha ha! I'd be interested to hear it from you too!

AmeliaLean A little bit about my body care ! image: 1

My favorite hobby !

I really like to play sports!

I went to the gym for a very long time! I understand perfectly well that in order to be beautiful, you need to take care of yourself!

I love exercises that rock my ass and pectoral muscles so that my body can be looks very beautiful! You can evaluate the result of my trips to the gym by looking at my body!

AmeliaLean My favorite hobby ! image: 1

My vacation and events in January 2023 !

At the beginning of 2023, I went on a short vacation lasting about 7 days! During this time, I managed to visit another city, see several different people and even take some time for myself!

Besides, I recently got some new costumes! I'm sure you liked them!

How did you spend the beginning of January? What have you been doing and what new events have happened to you?

AmeliaLean My vacation and events in January 2023 ! image: 1

The beauty of my fingers !

I really like to take care of my fingers! Making nails smooth and tender is very pleasant for me! In my opinion, finger care is even more important than make-up!

On weekends I like to go to the manicure master and make myself beautiful nails to please myself and surprise all of you!

I have long wanted to become a manicure master and I am sure that I will be able to do it! What kind of manicure do you like?

AmeliaLean The beauty of my fingers ! image: 1

Cutie kittie !

AmeliaLean Cutie kittie ! image: 1AmeliaLean Cutie kittie ! image: 2AmeliaLean Cutie kittie ! image: 3AmeliaLean Cutie kittie ! image: 4AmeliaLean Cutie kittie ! image: 5AmeliaLean Cutie kittie ! image: 6AmeliaLean Cutie kittie ! image: 7AmeliaLean Cutie kittie ! image: 8AmeliaLean Cutie kittie ! image: 9AmeliaLean Cutie kittie ! image: 10AmeliaLean Cutie kittie ! image: 11